Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dengan ini.. saya mewajibkan semua bebdk kelas EO8C untuk menonton Transfomers..... Sesiapa yang tidak menontonnya lagi.. diharap dapat pergi monontonnya supaya anda tidak dikenakan tindakan... sekian terima kasih....

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Berakhirnya 2 sem Pemerintahan Hisyam

Since the last 2 sem, our class have been lead by a well known leader, Prof Diraja Hisyam. But in the 3rd sem, he decided to pass his leadership to someone else. The situation was suddenly havoc with a few nomination from Hisyam himself!

Calon-calonnya... :
1. Jeff (PKR)
2. Remy ( Parti GIANTS)
3. Amir (parti x berdaftar)
4. Muadz ( parti BEBAS)

Finally, votes from our class choose Amir as our new leader. Proudly, amir take the responsibility (with his proud face) and starts his new career. Starts with zero level, he have been stunned by asyriq when a teacher came to our class. He become blurr but quickly upgrade his level and gain new abilities (stun asyriq back). Thats how our new leaders adapt to his duty on the first day. I hope, he could bring us to the max of gaining 45 points in IB exam (after gain ultimate abilities)

Together, we march to the hills of success...